• The Perfect Hill House Sims 3 House

    The pirched hill house is absolutely AMAZING for many reasons to find out once you download it. There are 3 bedrooms, but a huge living space, perfect for hmmm….. entertaining! Best if placed on 11 Ocean View Road in the Island World. ENJOY! Click here for download link

  • Modest Contemporaine Sims 3 House

      This house offers symmetrical faded blue pillars that add contrast with the red tone center. A magnificent pond with fountain and a pool with a waterfall, what more can you ask for. This is certainly your sim family’s dream house. This house is high-end quality. Click here for the download link

  • Perfect Family House Sims 3 Download

    This 10 bedroom, 6 bathroom house is perfect for your large sim family. There is a full gym above the garage. The basement is completed with 4 empty rooms for storage or extra children. This house is honestly one of my favorites, I promise you wont regret this one! Click here to download

  • Large Family Vacation House Sims 3

    If you download this house it is best if placed on 33 Surf Circle. This house is perfect for a family to vacation to. 2 large bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Even has a guest room apartment above the garage! 3 Huge decks overlooking the water. Even has a grand piano. Cost: $133,973. Click here to …